Let Kids Draw on Your Tablet with the DanoToys AppCrayon

 - Oct 24, 2012
References: dano2
Kids can comfortably and safely play on touch screens using the DanoToys AppCrayon. Let them doodle all over your tablets and smartphones without destroying the screen with finger prints and smudges.

This kiddie stylus is a great tool to use with the many writing and drawing games that children love playing with, which teach them vital development skills and allow them to develop their creativity. The DanoToys Little Sky Writers app, for example, lets children trace over letters of the alphabet so they can learn to read and write. With its chunky shape, this stylus is perfect for little hands.

In this tech-based world, it is important to make gadgets as child-friendly as possible with tools like the DanoToys AppCrayon, so that kids can develop a better understanding of technology.