Asian Theaters Using 'Danmaku' Let Audiences Chat on Movie Screens

Even when you go with someone else, or a group of friends, going to the theater is hardly a social experience—unless you're at one of the cinemas in Asia that features 'danmaku.'

Danmaku, meaning "barrage" in Japanese is a system that lets audience members post their comments directly on top of the movie screen while it's playing. With the rise of online movie streaming and piracy, it's a challenge to get people to go to the theater, as well as not have them on their cell phones the entire time. With Danmaku in place on cinema screens, theaters have reported an increase in youth audiences under the age of 24 up to 80 and 90 percent. This may be distracting, but at least movie-goers can engage in conversation without disturbing the sounds of the movie.