The Daniel Palacios 'Waves' Installation Makes You See What You Hear

 - Apr 12, 2012
References: vimeo & itsnicethat
The Daniel Palacios 'Waves' exhibit is an installation worthy of every science center out there, as it takes the invisibility cloak off of sound.

It does so with a string that is connects two motorized chambers. This string is extremely sensitive and reacts by moving at the slightest movement by any surrounding figures. Therefore, if one was to stand too near, the string would know. It begins to twirl and produce sine-wave simulations and this translates largely between the two chambers giving onlookers an opportunity to see the digitization of sound waves. It is a smart way to cheat sound out of hiding and give the untrained mind a visual representation of what happens in the air when sound is being manufactured. Even though the string doesn't really teach you what sound physically feels like, the visual representation will stick with you next time you look around at a house party that's blasting music.