The Dafi Reis Doron Control Chair is Thought-Provoking

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: dafireisdoron & mocoloco
Entitled the '75% Control Chair and Stool,' these peculiar seats by Dafi Reis Doron come with a rather interesting surprise. Using an expanding polyurethane foam, Doron creates an intricate web-like formation that becomes the cushion for his stools.

The swelling foam is typically used under fabrics to provide additional support for the user. Designer Dafi Reis Doron seeks to create furniture that uses traditional materials in a new, unorthodox manner -- he calls this process "75% control." The colorful mixture is poured into the slotted grooves of the wooden chair. As it expands, the material solidifies and becomes united with the timber structure.

Dafi Reis Doron states his approach to design is "Learning from traditional skills and progress technologies, my purpose is to make products that use knowledge of both." His '75% Control Chair and Stool' integrate the art of furniture making and using materials in an unconventional manner.