The Cylindra Spice Rack is Sleek and Minimalist

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: umbra & ohgizmo
A spice rack can often become a spice drawer and then a spice cupboard, especially for those for love to make home-cooked meals more often than not; the Cylindra Spice Rack is a great alternative to these tasty takeovers. A compact design that does away with individual jars that take up too much space, the Cylindra Spice Rack is made up of what could be likened to peri dishes that load neatly into one standing contraption.

Designed by Matt Carr and Helen T. Miller for Umbra, the Cylindra Spice Rack is not only compact, it is also sleek and minimalist. Each individual 'dish' is finished with a movable band that allows people to sprinkle a little or a lot of seasoning. It comes in a set of six.