The CVAC Pod Improves Professional Athletes' Bodies

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: online.wsj & dvice
It is quite obvious that athletes put their bodies through quite a lot, not only maintain their superb shape, but to also win all those metals, trophies, rings and more; and this is where the CVAC Pod comes in. This egg-shaped pressurized oxygen chamber, which looks like some kind of futuristic, personal spaceship, helps to rejuvenate an athletes body to help them achieve even higher goals while preventing any damage that may result.

Specifically, the CVAC Pod "simulates conditions in high altitudes and can help improve circulation, vision, reaction times, endurance and power, all while boosting red blood cell count," just by spending 20 minutes in the CVAC Pod three times a week, according to the Wall Street Journal. Since only 20 exist, it wouldn’t be surprising if athletes started competing just to get into one.