This Cute Pup Photobombed Every Picture on a Craigslist Apartment Listing

Just in case the cute pup in all of these images didn't give it away, this apartment listing on Craigslist is for a pet friendly dwelling.

The ad has gone surprisingly viral considering that except for one small detail, it's just an average apartment listing. However, the owner's cute pup propelled itself to Internet fame by being a champion of photobombing. Seriously, this dog is officially a photobombing legend. The owner needed a kitchen shot? Just beside the counter. Oh, he needed a bedroom shot, there's the cute pup's ears poking over the edge of the bed. Showing off the roomy living room, there's the dog coming around the corner.

It all sounds so simple, but the more you think about it and the more you view the images, the funnier it becomes. I'll bet this photobombing dog made it easier to unload the Chicago apartment.