pxl. Lets Users Create, Share & Buy Fully Customized Footwear

 - Jul 10, 2019
References: kickstarter & prnewswire
pxl. (pronounced "pixel") is now introducing its first product via Kickstarter, plx. shoes, which are fully customized footwear designs that can be made on the web-based pxl.studio and pxl.gallery platforms. As such, the brand has created what it calls a "branded ecosystem of virtual design, physical product and digital content experiences."

On the pxl.studio, a virtual workspace for creating tailored products, users are able to make styles exactly to their specifications—over 48 billion unique styles can be created on the platform by making adjustments to details like the eyelets, laces and more.

A companion to the virtual footwear creation studio is the pxl.gallery, which serves as a public archive of all the pxl. products ever manufactured, which can effortlessly be purchased or edited by other users.