The Curious Extension Plug Distorts When It's in Use and Warm

 - Jan 8, 2013
References: youngkwangcho & yankodesign
Many designers might be unenthused by the prospect of reinventing the power strip, but Youngkwang Cho took up the challenge with quite a bit of imagination. The Curious Extension Plug offers three North American sockets to power your gadgets and different household appliances, but it hasn't been arranged in a rectangle.

The trio of power points surrounds the long central cord that leads to the wall's electrical output. When it isn't in use, the object remains flat against the floor and completely inanimate. However, with at least one appliance hooked up to it, the Curious Extension Plug begins to warp. It twists out of shape as if the currents rushing through it have warmed the plastic into a soft and more fluid state to produce an unusual looking power bar.