The Cup4fun Project Plays with the Replacement of Standard Handles

 - Oct 12, 2013
It isn't often that you see culinary items in conjunction with hardware from the workbench, yet here we have this quirky combination in the Cup4fun. Eszter Imre's whimsical mash-up is strange, yet completely riveting.

Imre came up with these curious coffee cups while working on some custom designs for a cafe. She played with the possibility of substituting the usual looped handle on the tiny tea cup with something unconventional, yet effective. She decided to incorporate stainless steel clamps that would wrap around the rounded vessels to provide the necessary grip.

The smooth glazed porcelain material of the espresso cups contrasts greatly with the hard and shiny metal of the industrial bands. The pair maintain a bizarre marriage of texture and manufacturing, yet aesthetic harmony and practicality are certainly struck in the Cup4fun.