Typically Flat Paintings are Given Depth and Texture by Jwan Yosef

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: jwanyosef & fubiz.net
Contrary to the great care with which artists and collectors treat paintings, Jwan Yosef completes his pieces as crumpled art. Initially looking like signs of neglect and even vandalism, the decorated canvases scrunch down on their wooden frames to distort the pictures and expose the stretchers' structure.

Though he trained extensively in painting between Stockholm and London, the artist feels that the two-dimensional nature of these works are lacking. Striving for a more complete look to his series of portraits and even blank canvases, Jwan folds, pleats and crinkles the material until the surface is tangibly detailed with depth. The crumpled art series demonstrates a contemporary departure from the traditional practice of painting, and it displays a present-day interest in the philosophy of destruction to make way for new and more relevant art.