Saint B and iBelieve

 - Oct 31, 2006
References: manworksdesign & ozoux
Moscow-based Man Works Design has created the Saint B - an MP3 player in the shape of a cross. It's not the first cross shaped MP3 design. The iBelieve is a small converter that lets you carry your iPod Shuffle in the form of a cross. The iBelieve already sold out of their first batch of inventory.

"The form of the player is inspired by the original Christian symbol, the cross. Indeed, we wear it in the same manner as a player - around the neck. We are playing not only with the form, but with religious symbolics. This player immediately brings many questions - whether it is possible to listen to any kind of music on it? Whether it can keep on playing a role of the religious symbol? Does everybody have a moral right to wear this thing?" - Saint B MP3 Site