YouTubers 'Team Edge' Competed in the 'Crocodile Attack' Challenge

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: hasbro & youtube
'Crocodile Attack' is a game that puts players' fingers in the face of peril -- as the YouTubers of 'Team Edge' recently discovered. Using a grumpy crocodile toy, Crocodile Attack players take turns pressing down on the teeth that ring its intimidating jaws. One of those teeth is sore, so when the player presses down on it, the crocodile snaps back, catching the player's finger in the process.

The three Team Edge YouTubers -- Matt, J-Fred, and Bryan -- competed against one another in a video. To add some extra incentive to avoid the losing tooth (beyond the snapping jaws themselves,) the YouTubers used a "mid-game punishment wheel." When one of them lost a round, they would have to spin the wheel and carry out the punishment that it landed on, which included things like singing for the rest of the game or wearing dizzy goggles.