The 'Crimes Against Hugh's Manatees' Tumblr Takes on Shark Week

The 'Crimes Against Hugh's Manatees' Tumblr featured a variety of shark-related comic strips in honor of last week's Shark Week by the Discovery Channel. The sharky festivities were celebrated by these adorably sad and lonesome sharks pictured in Crimes Against Hugh's Manatees' Tumblr.

Whether it was the Great White Shark who simply wanted to be the "Just O.K. White Shark" or the buttcheek-wishing blue shark, these comics make sharks look positively adorable. Though shark fatalities are astronomically low in reality, sharks are among the most feared creatures on earth. As a result, they are of great fascination to most people and are granted 'Shark Week' by the Discovery Channel during the summer to learn more about the fearsome ocean beasts.