Crescendo Dinnerware Embodies the Delicacy of a Flower

It's refreshing to see the Crescendo Dinnerware Set in the way that it takes unpredictable forms. Consumers are accustomed to seeing plates and bowls manufactured to perfect circular contours. This is an aesthetic strategy with which Yasemin Uyar did not settle.

The 3D-printed dishes take lovely organic forms with subtly ruffling edges. When stacked from the broadest platter to the bowl, the effect produced can be a delicate one or a dynamic one, depending on the orientation of each piece.

The gentle curves of the Crescendo Dinnerware Set make the items quite comfortable to hold in one's hand. They also better complement the often unavoidably haphazard presentation of various edible items. The collection would add stylish intrigue to an otherwise minimalist setup and serve to decorate both casual and formal dinners.