The Credit Card Lockpick Set Can Be Discretely Stored in Your Wallet

 - May 25, 2013
References: thefancy & thefancy
Secret agents in training or even just someone who loses their keys way too often are sure to get a kick out of the Credit Card Lockpick Set, which features everything one would need for picking a lock.

Looking like an average credit card in both size, shape and markings, the Credit Card Lockpick Set features a hidden compartment that slides discretely out to reveal five tools for quickly unlocking a door. Although it would appear to be something of a gag gift for a friend, the Credit Card Lockpick Set comes with five stainless steel tools that can actually aid in picking a lock, which makes it both humorous and a little bit unsettling.

Unless you're losing keys on a regular basis or are indeed a spy in training, the Credit Card Lockpick Set might be better left for the professionals.