The MasterCard Futuristic Space Ad is a Clever Way to Attract New Interns

 - May 19, 2013
References: mastercard & adsoftheworld
In its latest search for interns, credit card company MasterCard has released an interactive futuristic space-themed video to get interns thinking about the future of money.

The story line of the video is a bunch of a people waiting in line to board a space shuttle, but the grandma in line only has change. So while she's standing there fumbling through her Mary Poppins purse for nickles and dimes, a huge meteor collides with the moon. If only grandma had been up with the current times and had interact! The whole meteor collision could have been avoided.

The comic book style drawings in the video are quirky, funny and highlight the outdated use of cash as payment. With futuristic space as the context, MasterCard cleverly asks interns to submit their resumes and share their "common cash problems" while simultaneously promoting the speed and simplicity of interact.