This Creative App for the iPad Encourages Productive Collaboration

 - Jan 13, 2013
References: mymorpholio & yankodesign
Collaborating with artistic coworkers and friends has been made easier thanks to this creative app by Morphio. There is no telling what masterpieces it will help convey.

The Morphio Trace App allows users to add their own sketches directly on top of a digital drawing, as if they were using tracing paper. This can all be done in a community, which encourages productive teamwork and feedback.

The templates for the app are specially designed for those in the architecture, jewelry and automotive fields. There is now no need to fret "going back to the drawing board." Instead, circulate the drawing board around digitally with gifted minds to quickly and easily birth something brilliant.

If only cavemen had this app when creating the wheel—it just may have saved the lives of many test dummy Neanderthals.