'Love's Kiss' is a Cream Cheese Roll with Spicy and Exotic Flavors

'Love's Kiss' is the name of a coated cream cheese roll from Berg Bauer that boasts an interesting ingredient list. It's not uncommon to find cream cheese products that are coated in a few herbs and spices, but Love's Kiss ventures into an entirely new territory of flavor—this roll is made with a chunky outer layer of melon, papaya, pineapple and wasabi. Berg Bauer suggests serving it alongside chicken or pasta dishes, as well as many international cuisine items.

Berg Bauer also makes a cranberry-coated cream cheese roll, as well as 'Silent Night Cheese,' which is dressed with cinnamon, cloves and honey.

As of late, it's become popular to see dairy products like milk, butter, cheese and yogurt being used as vehicles to deliver new and unusual flavor combinations.