Couvercle by Allt Challenges the Boundaries of Objects in the Home

 - Sep 4, 2012
It might look rather convincingly like a luxury toilet bowl unblocker but Couvercle by Allt is not intended for the bathroom at all. Surprisingly, this familiar plumbing object has actually been made for the kitchen or dining room -- two spaces in which you would especially not want crossover from the washroom.

Not only is this item intended to sit as a decoration in the center of your dining table, placing it quite close to your food, but it's purpose can be to act as a contemporary sculptural cover for edibles that might become stale with exposure to air.

Of course, Couvercle by Allt should not make you feel queasy. It's been exquisitely crafted from elegant transparent glass and topped with softly sanded wood. Without asserting itself sarcastically, the poised toilet plunger strives to challenge people's strict associations with certain possessions.