Chanel Fishing Rod

 - Jun 14, 2008
Looking for a gift for Dad? Couture fashion house Chanel has just revealed the newest addition to their luxury sporting goods ultra-lavish fishing rod. According to the Guardian, "for a mere £9,170 the ponciest angler on the planet can kit himself out with a Chanel rod and a set of meticulously tied, monochrome Chanel flies, complete with the famous "double C" logo on the gossamer wings, presented in a rather fetching, quilted black leather box."

However, Karl Lagerfeld producing a fishing rod is not so farfetched of an idea.  Apparently Chanel’s chic founder Coco Chanel was an ardent fly-fisherwoman (if that’s a word).

Just in case you were wondering, according to the "Urban Dictionary" ‘Poncey’ means, "The actions of one who thinks they are either overly stylish, cool or smart etc, when usually their IQ is akin to a fruit."