Will Courteney Cox's Dirty Photoshoots Revitalize Her Fame?

 - Mar 25, 2007   Updated: May 25 2011
References: coolcelebs.org
Say goodbye to the neat-freak Monica Geller persona of Courteney Cox. Her new TV show called 'Dirt,' where she stars as a naughty tabloid magazine editor, has called for a complete image makeover. As part of the process, Courteney appeared for a photo shoot caked in dirt! The smouldering photos feature Courteney dirty and half naked and anything but Monica-Geller-esque from days gone by.

Implications - The photoshoot was created for the purpose of publicizing her new show. Her posing and bad-girl image are sure to pique the curiosity of people who grew up watching her on friends. Even though she is completely covered in dirt, Courteney Cox looks absolutely stunning for Los Angeles Confidential.