The 'Could You Be Dating a Rapist?' Infograph is Safety-First

The surprising statistics presented in the 'Could You be Dating a Rapist?' infograph compounded by Checkmate Dating is a scary look at the world we live in. As part of an online dating safety campaign, the infograph takes a brutal look at the current state of rape in America. With over 6 million rapists walking the streets, 38% of which are friends or acquaintances, and a conviction rate of approximately 1.2%, the scary statistics are intense, to say the least.

With more rapists in America than the total amount of doctors, nurses, teachers and firefighters combined, the infograph points to a very dire situation. The purpose, however, isn't just to frighten you into thinking the world is a terrible place; the campaign goal is to educate young women and encourage them to take precaution, especially when it comes to online dating.