Cosmo's Recycled Photos of Angelina Jolie

 - Dec 23, 2008
References: cosmopolitan & gawker
The lead photo of Angelina Jolie’s Cosmopolitan cover is not the one from the German Cosmopolitan 2009 cover--it is the April 2003 issue of Italian Cosmopolitan.

You’ll also note that Jolie’s Germany 2009 cover photo is a duplicate from another foreign Cosmo cover from June 2005 and photo four is a mirrored image of the prior three in the gallery. Not only is Jolie posing the same in each International Cosmo cover, but the dress is identical too.

German’s January 2009 recycled cover of Angelina Jolie isn’t the first time Cosmopolitan has reused cover shots. In July of 2005, Cosmo Australia copied Jolie’s U.S. Cosmo cover from August of 2003; the dress is the same but a different color.

No wonder Angelina Jolie doesn’t seem to be aging! Check out another case of recycled Cosmo cover shots below.