From Retro Sexy Senators to Pooch Accessory Shoots

 - Aug 2, 2011
To honor the launch of the iPad-exclusive Cosmo for Guys magazine, I have gathered up the best and most innovative Cosmo creations for your viewing pleasure. Cosmo is the go-to magazine for everything girly, featuring tips on everything from how to lose weight to how to have a better sex life. Now men will be able to get those same tips, albeit not in the checkout line or at newsstands.

Despite all of the buzz around the newest Cosmo mag, it is important not to forget what made all of this possible. Cosmo is filled with great advice, but it is the sexy cover and photoshoots that put the magazine over the top. If you haven't checked out a Cosmo in awhile and are wondering what you have been missing, then make sure to check out all of these innovative Cosmo creations. I'm calling it right now, Cosmo for Guys will be huge.