Corrie White Digitally Enhances Drops to Create Mesmerizing Shapes

 - Oct 30, 2011
References: liquiddropart & mymodernmet
To create an intriguing visual effect, images created by Netherlands-born photographer Corrie White are crafted using a technique called macro photography to mold figures made of liquids. In her work, water drops are transformed into stunning sculptures, and her pieces are premeditated explosions of art and colors. 

The macro art form makes visible what’s usually invisible to the human eye, making it possible for White to artistically capture the movement of water and drops. Additionally, she used Mumford’s Time Machine and the Drip Kit to create complex forms. To add color to the liquid she employed food dyes, milk and various flash gels. The result is impressive as a wide variety of shapes come to life. Although it’s water, one can see objects like mushrooms, umbrellas, bubbles and fountains.

Corrie White is a talented photographer who wisely knows how to experiment with the camera and fluids in a dynamic manner.