Corey Worthington (Part I)

 - Jan 17, 2008
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Thought everybody had had enough of small-time fame media chasers? Apparently not.

Whilst bad boys have always been media magnets, 16 year old Australian Corey Worthington has brought a new level of bad-ass to the spectrum.

Perhaps a case of being in the wrong place at the right time, the young Melbournite first grabbed local attention for an open house party he hosted that spiraled well out of control. Young Worthington circulated invites via SMS and social networking website Myspace. The party required 30 police officers, a dog squad and a police helicopter to contain the 500-strong crowd.

Fame of the party boy has spread globally with his story one of the most-read article's on the BBC news website and made an appearance on US news giant CNN.

Despite police threatening to bill the 'party-brat' $20,000 in damages, Worthington's soaking up his new found fame with interview requests and club-promotion job offers pouring in. Rumors are circulating that Worthington's in talks about a hosting role on Australia's Big Brother.