The Mobile Empatia and Emera Cordless Lamps Encourage Freedom

 - May 31, 2017
References: dezeen & dezeen
Empatia and Emera Mobile are part of a new line of portable cordless lamps that promote mobility and diversity among home fixtures.

The Emera Mobile features a disc-like shape that's embedded with LED lights, and rests on a dome-shaped glass that references Venetian glass blowing. The chargeable lamp looks like a traditional lamp as its base hides the USB plug-in. Empatia Mobile is a dome-shaped glass, which looks like a large light bulb, and represents a return to more "traditional light scenarios."

The portability of the chargeable lamps means homeowners have the freedom to display their lighting fixtures wherever they need, allowing for more versatility and flexibility. These designs allow for homeowners to develop their own personal aesthetics, with home decor fixtures that are as diverse and adaptable as they are.