The Cool Runnings Water Bottle Promises Chilled Liquid on a Hot Day

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: yankodesign
You can usually only expect your beverage to be as chilled as the air around it or the ice cubes within but the Cool Runnings Water Bottle changes that. This innovative electronic flask uses a spinning turbine core to change the temperature of the fluid inside of it.

Jaehwa Lee's invention consists of a generic clear container with a narrow threaded neck, capped with a futuristic protruding lid that extends into a cooling pin that sits within the drink. "Twister-like grooves" on this spike stir up the H2O with better efficiency, and using a convection current, the flask decreases the degree of the contents when the user simply shakes it.

The Cool Runnings Water Bottle is designed to be used when no cold faucets are available. It's equipped with an on and off switch to conserve power, which it receives by charging via USB.