This 3D Cooking Simulator Tests Your Virtual Culinary Skills

 - Mar 16, 2013
References: diginfo
Becoming a great chef takes a lot of practice, but the Tokyo Institute of Technology's 3D cooking simulator takes culinary enthusiasts out of the kitchen and into the virtual arena with this new, mess-free way to develop your skills on the stove.

Attached to series of strings and pulleys, the 3D cooking simulator uses a force feedback frying pan and spatula to create an interactive 3D experience that replicates all of the real-time conditions of cooking on a stove top. Using a heat conductor simulator, this device actually determines the degrees of simulated heat transferred from the stove to the pan.

By recording and combining information delivered by your movements and simulated heat levels, this marvel of modern kitchen technology even makes visible changes to your 3D cuisine. A cutting edge way to brush up on your virtual cooking skills!