Trend Hunter's Jaime Neely Gives Her Favorite Innovative Cooking Apps

 - Jul 9, 2014
While there is nothing wrong with sticking to old family recipes, technological advances and cooking apps are changing the way the kitchen works. Trend Hunter Senior Editor Jaime Neely discusses her favorite 'applified' kitchen appliances. Whether it's surprisingly smart dishes, app-controlled dishes or smartphone-controlled kettles, appliance-connected mobile applications could revolutionize the culinary world.

If you need a little help determining if your eggs are about to spoil or when to buy a new carton, the Egg Minder is ideal for people who live alone and are likely not to go through too many eggs at once. If waste is a concern for you, the FlexiBowl changes shape depending on what you put into it so you throw out less. Meanwhile the Collaborative Cooker can take up to 35 different dishes in one. Or if mornings aren't your thing, connected kettle cooking apps means you can start your day without leaving bed.