The Contributor #10 Ninja Hanna Photoshoot Displays a Fake Ceremony

The Contributor #10 editorial taken by photographer Ninja Hanna is currently on display. In the haunted set, model Carolina Sjostrand appears to be at a faux funeral, complete with large candles and ceremonial foliage marking the opulent ceremony.

Although burials typically call for dark apparel only, stylist Maria Barsoum infused the striking scene with pops of red and pink. Moreover, leather and silk fabrics made the production appear all the more striking and high end.

No matter the occasion, there is arguably something to take away from this Contributor #10 set. This is apparent in the array of styles and cuts featured, including capri pants, thick stockings and tie up dresses. At the same time, the jewelry showcased is also quite eye-catching with low hanging necklaces and oversize rings.