Extreme Contingency Plan Involves Drilling Through Your Laptop

 - Jul 18, 2011
References: fffff.at & notcot.org
Everybody keeps secrets, but one day, the nature of your hidden intelligence may be the difference between life and death. This is where the Media Artist Contingency Plan will come in handy.

For whatever reason, if you happen to be the beholder of incriminating information, you'll need a scheme in place for ensuring that certain facts are kept out of sight of particular peepers. Whether you're fearful that the mafia or the government will come knocking at your door, this DIY project by Randy Sarafan will prepare you for the worst.

All you've got to do is print a sheet of these 'In Case of Emergency' stickers on adhesive labels and place one strategically onto the shell of your laptop above the position of your hard drive. With an insistent "Drill Here" symbol, Media Artist Contingency Plan decals will guide through the destruction of implicating data stored on your computer.