Track Key Data in This Creative Field

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: trendreports
Art is in a constant state of fluctuation, creating and re-creating, interpreting and re-interpreting new forms simultaneously. The Contemporary Art Trend Report showcases new age art forms and how they are permeating various industries, from music, fashion and movies to architecture and design.

Modern art is such a broad industry these days it can be hard to track all the trends influencing consumers. However, through our global network of trendsetters and hunters, we have managed to isolate key trends, changes and emerging patterns in the realm of contemporary art. Perfect for artists, designers, fashionistas, architects and creatives, our crowd-sourced research features trends like Branded Graffiti, Faceless Recognition adn Interactive Historicommodation.

Use this information to trace emerging patterns and new opportunities so you can stimulate innovation for your brand.