The Thermo Can Capture 2000 Measurements a Second

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: withings & geeky-gadgets
The Thermo is an innovative new contactless thermometer, developed by Withings, that is designed to offer a trailblazing and unique way of capturing temperature as well as recording it for future reference and context.

What's great about this contactless thermometer is that it directly addresses some of the most common flaws and grievances associated with old-school conventional thermometers, which are either accurate and uncomfortable or comfortable but inaccurate. The Thermo bridges this gap by using proprietary HotSpotSensor technology to make it possible to capture precise temperature before automatically syncing the data with the companion Thermo app. The app allows you to monitor temperature readings and even type in related symptoms.

This contactless thermometer shows that modern tech devices don't have to require you to compromise on either precision or convenience.