This Infographic Reviews Country Spending Compared to the US

 - Nov 5, 2013
Though America has a bad rap for being a gluttonous nation, this comparative consumption infographic reveals countries that spend more than Americans on food, alcohol and tobacco.

Based on data conducted by the USDA and EuroMonitor, the infographic concludes that the average American spends $4,431 per person per year. That figure was divided by food spent at home ($2,274,) money spent on restaurant meals ($1485) and money spent on alcohol and tobacco ($673). However, last year Americans did live up to their reputation by spending the most money on fast food, with a whopping $649 per person.

How did other countries measure up? Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain and Sweden emerged as big spenders, each breaking the $5,000 mark.

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Countries spending more than Americans on eating, drinking and smoking