Eye-Tracking and Biometric Technology at GSK's Lab Determine Preferences

 - Oct 11, 2017
References: uk.gsk & campaignlive
Global healthcare company GSK recently opened the doors to its all-new consumer lab, which uses various technologies to better understand a consumer's sensory preferences.

At the Consumer Sensory Lab, eye-tracking devices, biometric monitoring systems and recording tools all play a vital part in measuring consumer preferences when it comes to the feel, taste, smell and texture of products, as well as how consumers tend to use products and what they really think of them.

GSK's Shopper Science Lab and Consumer Sensory Lab are now situated on the same site. As GSK Consumer Healthcare's Sally Loughlin says: "we believe they will provide substantial consumer insight – both for existing and developing products – which will allow us to refine the items we offer for many years to come."