This Olive Oil is Marked with the Same Sticker, No Matter the Size

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: & thedieline
The simple decision to apply consistent labeling to these bottles of oil would actually make a great impact to the efficiency, economy and eco-friendliness of the production process. The Penema Olive Oil packaging was designed by Chris Trivizas of Greece, applying the exact same size of sticker to every single bottle of the product.

Despite the fact that the Esterra Olive Goods come in canisters of three different heights, the uniform widths allow the same length of label to be wrapped around. In each case, the adhesive tag is stuck at the bottom of the container, leaving more and more polished metal exposed as the height of the bottle increases.

By creating such consistent labeling across a product range, Terra Farm is reducing machinery and saving money on printing and production, as well as saving the time and funds that would be necessary to create and modify several versions of the sticker.