The Concrete Table by Pawel Krawczugo Imitates a Different Material

 - Jan 11, 2012
The Concrete Table by Pawel Krawczugo is incapable of concealing heavy footsteps, but it does well to sneakily assume a somewhat false identity. The chic piece of furniture might appear, from a distance, to embody the compositional qualities and slatted texture of a typical wooden coffee table, but alas, the object is assembled from unconventional components.

Rigid adonized aluminum is used in the sturdy structure of the furnishing, performing as the solid legs and the pair of frames which contain two stacked surfaces for storage and intermittent use. But it is the reinforced concrete slabs which are the truly peculiar characteristics of the piece, textured with a striped and grained pattern to adopt the look of timber planks. The weight and the iconic appearance of the Concrete Table by Pawel Krawczugo give it a confidence within any room.