Concert Hands Makes for Easy DIY Piano Instruction

 - Aug 21, 2009
References: concerthands & gizmodo
Finally, a piano teacher that doesn’t cringe every time I hit a wrong note.  This one will just gently zap me in the right direction.

Concert Hands is a nifty innovation in musical technology. The ten-finger feedback system is hooked up to your hands and wrists. It pulses when you should play, and its automated wrist pilot guides you through the song. According to the webiste:The idea is after a period of time the repetitive motions and signals will develop muscle memory within the end user and enable him or her to play their favorite songs on their own.

It’s that easy! I'm not sure I love the get-rich-quick approach to music, but I'm intrigued. If you dream of play Bach fugues, this may not be for you; but for the curious beginner who is just looking to pick up a few show tunes for cocktail parties, Concert Hands could be just the ticket!