This Concentated Cleaner Package Reduces Weight and Material Costs

 - Apr 13, 2017
References: sealedair & packagingdigest
Sealed Air Corp.'s Diversey Care introduced a packaging solution that holds a small amount of a powerful, ready-to-use concentrated cleaner, but boasts the ability to make a much larger amount of cleaning solution once water is added. As such, most of the package remains empty upon purchase.

At this year's Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards gala, the Smart Mix Pro pouch was recognized for its commitment to sustainability.

Since water is one of the most powerful solvents, it is often the main component of common cleaning agents. Some brands like Splosh, JAWS and Econcentrate are now only providing consumers with concentrate pods and packets, and allowing consumers to add their own water as a means of cutting down on weight, waste and costs.