This Concealer Makeup is Innovatively Packaged as Powder

 - Jun 25, 2013
References: etsy & etsy
For those who struggle with problematic skin, dark circles or roseaca, this color-correcting concealer makeup is an ideal way to cancel out unwanted color pigments in the face. The Corrector Concealers also creatively come in a simpler, easier to apply and fool-proof powder format rather than traditional liquid form.

These colored Corrector Concealers by ReliqMinerals work by using color-cancelling concealer makeup technology to mask unwanted pigment hues in the skin. The Corrector Concealers can be used anywhere on the face and come packaged in a cutting-edge powder form that is more sanitary to use than liquid concealer, easier to blend and simpler to apply. Available in several colors, the powdered Corrector Concealers come in a green pigment to cancel out redness from acne, yellow to cancel out dark circles and the pink concealer to cancel out blueish bruising and veins.