The BuddyGuard 'FLARE' Complete Home Security System is Easy to Use

 - May 24, 2016
References: & thegadgetflow
Security systems work on single framework of being armed and triggered if something is wrong, but the BuddyGuard 'FLARE' complete home security system takes a more holistic approach.

Featuring artificial intelligence, the BuddyGuard 'FLARE' is packed with a series of high-tech sensors that allows the unit to identify people thanks to voice and facial recognition.

When motion or sound is detected, the BuddyGuard 'FLARE' will automatically go to work by identifying if it is indeed an intruder or simply a false alarm from one of the inhabitants.

One of the best features of the BuddyGuard 'FLARE' complete home security system is the easy yet intelligent design of the unit. Users of all ages can interact with it to ensure that everyone is kept safe.