The HW-SBF15 Commercial Juicer is Designed for Intensive Usage

 - Dec 28, 2016
References: yankodesign
The HW-SBF15 is a commercial juicer that's suitable for use in an array of different scenarios in order to get the most out of every piece of fresh produce.

The HW-SBF15 is the design work of Seol Lee and is intended to be a much more powerful and sturdy unit in comparison to other plastic varieties on the market. Being that many juicers are often compromised of plastic components that become stained by juice, the HW-SBF15 features a stainless steel design to avoid nasty staining.

The HW-SBF15 commercial juicer has an advanced LED interface that allows users to control the operation of the unit with precision. The high-capacity of the juicer enables it to pack enough for four glasses inside the unit.