The Comfyballs Boxers Keep Men's Private Parts Comfortable and Secure

 - Apr 22, 2015
If you were walking through the men's underwear section of your local department store, you'd probably run your eye over a number of typical brand names without casting a second glance, until you run into Comfyballs that is. This Norwegian company decided to give its boxers a name that sums up everything that makes this product great -- it keeps men's crown jewels comfortable. The boxers have a special pouch in front which keeps men's private parts comfortably cushioned.

Given that very few male undergarments have this features, it's understandable that the brand name revolves entirely around this key feature. The brand name 'comfyballs' is also written in large, easy-to-read font on the waist-strap, to make the product stand out even more once it's in your underwear stack in the closet at home.