Cobian Footwear's Endless Comfort Guarantee Includes Extended Warranty

California-based sandal design and development company Cobian Footwear is offering a new warranty, dubbed the Endless Comfort Guarantee, that consists of a super-extended warranty that is far more comprehensive than warranties offered by anyone else in the industry.

Available to customers who register their new footwear purchases within 30 days of purchase, the Comfort Guarantee allows customers to make claims within 12 months if they are not 100% satisfied with the comfort of their footwear. If the claim is shown to be the result of a production defect, Cobian Footwear will automatically replace the footwear with the same or similar products. Cobian will even, at its discretion, replace products damaged due to normal wear and tear, misuse and even abuse.

Ultimately, the Endless Comfort Guarantee is an aggressive offering that is designed to give customers ultimate peace of mind.