The COLORS News Machine Twists Tweets

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: colorsmagazine & designtaxi
COLORS Magazine and designer Johnathan Chomko have created a machine that plays broken telephone with Twitter users. The machine invites users to watch their words become twisted as they are filtered through several different forms of digital media, and then finally go to print.

After receiving a tweet to @colorsmachine, The COLORS News Machine will read the tweet aloud, "which a tape recorder will record and convert into text to be shown on a television; a camera watching the TV screen converts what it sees into a signal and sends it to a radio antenna; a radio will read out the broadcast, which a microphone would interpret as text again; and finally the machine would print it."

The printed outcome is compared to the original tweet to gauge accuracy, showing just how easy it is for the original messages to become skewed or changed entirely in the process.