'Colors of Beauty' Features Paintings by Moises Ramirez

 - Apr 14, 2017
References: themakeupshow
'Colors of Beauty,' an art gallery presented in conjunction with the upcoming Makeup Show NYC, shows just how far artistic expression has come -- and how far it could still go. The exhibit shows the artwork of Moises Ramirez, and it blends painting, photography, makeup artistry, illustration, and drawing in unique yet thematically aligned ways.

Over a century ago, the media through which artists could express themselves seemed set in stone. They could draw, sculpt, paint, write, or perform, and they could do little more than that. With the invention of film, the possibilities expanded exponentially, while showing that there are infinite artistic media. 'Colors of Beauty' is a concrete example of the wide variety of media through which an idea can be expressed -- in the case of Ramirez's gallery, that idea is beauty itself.