Naama Agassi Conceptualizes Imperial Purple in Cultural & Social Terms

 - Mar 14, 2018
References: naamaagassi
Through a color project titled 'Artificial Regality' that examines the ever-changing status of hues, Naama Agassi is able to situate color within a historically relevant cultural and social narrative. The artful experiment is completely object-based and explores the connotations of imperial purple. The photographs capture subjects that are reminiscent of the shapes of the "Roman imperial helmet, Christian thurible (used to burn incense for worship) and modern-day perfume bottles."

The Artificial Regality color project situates imperial purple as a hue that communicated "wealth and power" prior to industrialization. Designer Naama Agassi continues to reveal the reason for this—prior artificial manufacturing practices, the production of the purple hue was "a lengthy and laborious task."

The color project itself is a neat venture into the historic value behind corporeal, as well as more immaterial substances.