Rota-Cook Enables Collective Kitchen Cooking

Rota-cook, the multipurpose collective cooking device, is the design of Elgan Gruffydd Roberts, and is intended to bring people together in their acts of cooking. While the process of eating and drinking has mostly always been a social activity, preparing or making food has often fallen on the shoulders of one person.

The Rota-cook negates the need to use a hob or to leave the table as multiple people can use it. It comes with an integrated touch-sensitive variable interface that allows users to adjust the temperature of the hot plate by themselves or as a group. The plate lights up in blue and red LED lights to indicate the plate’s temperature. Along with the cooking functions, the Rota-cook can also be used to chop food because it comes with a detachable chopping board. The device is easily foldable for easy stowaway, and so can easily be brought out for collective cooking events.